Johnny Lozada

Puerto Rican singer, actor, dancer and owner of his talent search company, who has been entertaining audiences with his melodic voice, strong Latin look and sexy persona since the 80’s. Currently, he is the co-host of Univision’s (nation’s highest rated Spanish language TV network) morning show “Despierta America.”

Prior to that, he hosted several TV shows including “Sal y Pimienta”, “Quien Tiene la Razon”, “Transformacion Total”, “Escandalo TV”, “Fear Factor VIP” (Mexico), “Big Brother VIP” (Mexico) among others.

Johnny Lozada came to fame as a lead singer of the pop vocal harmony group (“boy band”) Menudo.  Lozada became a member of the group in 1980 and was there until 1984, replaced by Robby Rosa.  He was a member during Menudo’s golden years.  With the group, he recorded 8 albums including the album Quiero Ser, which became Menudo’s top selling album ever, starred in the movie “Una Aventura Llamada Menudo”, where he played the boy who fell in love with one of Gladys Rodriguez’s daughters.  He also participated in the record-breaking concert that drew 125,000 screaming teens to the big venue, Estadio Azteca in Mexico and toured to sell out crowds across Latin America and the U.S.  He also participated in two soap operas with Menudo in Venezuela called “Quiero Ser” and “Es Por Amor”.  Johnny was the romantic one of the group and his hits with Menudo included the classic songs “Clara” and “Señora Mia” but also can sing hit like “Mi Banda Toca Rock”.

After leaving Menudo, he began his solo career with his first album, “Invitame” (RCA Records – 1984) receiving a Grammy nomination and multiple awards and recognitions. In 1986, Lozada participated in a campaign to encourage youth abstinence from sex, in which he recorded two duets songs, “Cuando Estemos Juntos” and “Detente”, with Tatiana and music videos for each song.  This received much publicity in Latin America and even in the United States, where it was the subject of a report by John Stossel on 20/20.  Parallel to his singer career, he started acting again.  Since 1986 to this days, Johnny had starred in soap operas such as “Escandalo” with Charityn Goyco (1986), “Alba Marina” (1988), “Señora Tentacion” (1994), “Cuando Calienta el Sol” (1995), “La Señorita Ana” (1996)“Amigas y Rivales” (2001), “Complices Al Rescate” (2002), most of this with produced by Televisa, the largest media company in the Spanish speaking world and a major player in the international entertainment business.  Besides the soap operas, he acted in plays like “Also Aire” (2004), “Quien Mato a Hector Lavoe” (2007) and “Descargados” (2007), and most recently “Confesiones del Pene” (2012).

In addition to acting, Johnny also became a member of “Proyecto M” together with Rene Farrait and Ray Reyes.  During these years, they recorded several albums with labels like EMI Rodven and EMI Capitol Records, achieving a great popularity again especially in Venezuela and Puerto Rico.  Once the group dissolved, he went back into the scene participating in Mexican soap operas and in 1998, he and former Menudo’s Rene Farrait, Miguel Cancel, Ricky Melendez, Charlie Masso and Ray Reyes got together in Puerto Rico for a concert named “El Reencuentro”.  “El Reencuentro was so successful that they needed to add several more concerts and later they went on tour all around Latin America and the United States. They recorded a live album called “El Reencuentro” which was one of the biggest sellers and received different awards and nominations like Billboard Award Best Group.  “El Reencuentro” was the name used by the ex-members of Menudo for their comeback concert remembering Menudos Golden Era.  Recently, “El Reencuentro” reunited again to go back on tour and continuing this year.  In 2008, he was invited as host Peruvian TV program “Lima Limon” with hostess Laura Huarcayo, which had excellent ratings.

Johnny Lozada resides in Miami.


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